AUDIO AND VIDEO PREMIERES (Pelagic Presents): Psychonaut will deliver a 16 playthrough video of their new 16 minutes single, The Great Realisation

As part of Roadburn Redux, we have joined forces with Germany’s Pelagic Records to showcase artists on the label’s roster under the banner ‘Pelagic Presents.’ With no indication of slowing down, this positively prolific label is churning out stellar release after stellar release, even during the last twelve challenging months. Join us as we team up to bring you an exciting collection of premiers, exclusive performances and more. Brace yourselves, we’re going deep…

Psychonaut will release a split with labelmates Sâver this year via Pelagic, which pushes the boundaries of the band in new directions. Relishing the challenge, they have recorded a playthrough video of their new 16 minutes single, The Great Realisation featuring some special guests. Picking up where their debut album Unfold the God Man left off in terms of concept, The Great Realisation forges ever-forward, showcasing the band at their gloriously long form, post-metal best.

They told us: “This release is by far the most elaborate production we have ever done. We let go of all boundaries and gave ourselves complete freedom in terms of songwriting and arranging. This massive track represents a process of both personal and collective change that is conveyed through five chapters which are based on a psychedelic experience.”

Psychonaut will be a part of Pelagic Presents at Roadburn Redux, between April 16-18.

Becky Laverty

Date: April 18

Time: 15:45 CEST

Type: Audio and Video Premieres