Red Kite to heighten the crackling atmosphere of Roadburn 2020 with their genre-bending prog-pysch-jazz leanings

At Roadburn 2020, we will continue our quest to bring you some of the most exciting prog bands around. Championing the burgeoning Norwegian psych-prog-jazz scene, Red Kite — guitarist Even Helte Hermansen, bassist Trond Frønes, keyboardist Bernt André Moen and drummer Torstein Lofthus (of Elephant 9-fame) — fuse edge-of-seat heavy propulsion with wailing guitars and fuzzed-out vibes.

Their self-titled debut is a master class in progressive jams and hypnotic soundscapes, whether it’s the take on Alice Coltrane’s Ptah, the El Daoud, or the band’s own 13 Enemas For Good Luck, this rollicking improv collective excels at genre-bending the complexity of avant-garde jazz with the brain-rattling textures of psychedelic metal, hence inviting them for Roadburn. As the band’s sonic mastery will only heighten the crackling atmosphere of the 2020 festival.

The band comments: “Red Kite are indeed honored to be featured on the 2020 edition of the Roadburn Festival. The open mindset off this festival reflects Red Kites eclectic vision perfectly!”

Date: April 18

Time: TBA

Stage: Green Room

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