The San Diego Takeover: Sacri Monti

With one foot lodged firmly in the seventies, and the other kicking ass all over the Californian coast, Sacri Monti will be descending upon Roadburn for the first time in 2018. Bringing their psyched out jams and heavy rock attitude to the 013, this smouldering five piece will be leaving a smoky haze in their wake.

Their 2015 self titled album left us with no doubt that their blistering riffs and fuzzed out reverb had a place at Roadburn. And now, we’re thrilled to announce them as part of the all-encompassing San Diego Takeover. If you’ve not caught on to Sacri Monti yet, there’s still time to catch yourself up, before they drop some new tunes next year and rip up the Roadburn stage!
The San Diego Takeover:
Fifty years on from the summer of love, a new musical uprising is swelling in the streets of San Diego. Whilst the haze of smoke and the chilled out vibes may remain true to their forefathers, the new kids on the block are a very different breed. Steeped in psychedelia and inspired by Earthless – who played a pivotal role in sparking this particular fire – the new breed is gearing up to launch themselves on Tilburg next April. Stand by; the San Diego circus is coming to town.

Headed up by our 2018 Artist in Residence, Earthless, a veritable gang of musicians will be leaving behind the Pacific Ocean and making their way to the slightly less sun soaked – although no less open minded – vistas of Tilburg. Among the musicians making the trip will be Roadburn veterans mixed in with festival newbies; their members criss-crossing across the ranks and rehearsal spaces as it is. Sharing band members is as much second nature as sharing the good times, so prepare yourself for some mixing and matching along the way.

Performing as part of the Roadburn 2018 San Diego Takeover will be:

Harsh Toke
Sacri Monti

Each band will perform over the course of the weekend as part of the main festival programme at the 013 venue, but a movement this influential deserves it’s own space to spread out, bloom, and indeed envelope us all. So, with that in mind, there will be a Californian takeover at the Hall of Fame on both Friday and Saturday; we can’t promise the beach, but we can near enough guarantee everything else to make this experience feel like you’ve travelled to these guys’ natural habitat. Welcome to the San Diego Clubhouse!

Some of these bands should familiar to you already; you may even think you know them inside out. But Harsh Toke’s Roky Erickson set at Roadburn 2017 showed us that there’s still room for surprises. You’ll be able to see your favourite San Diegoans as you’ve never seen them before…

When you count professional skaters Riley Hawk, Frecks, Nuge and Figgy among your ranks, it would seem remiss to not factor a skate expo into proceedings, and we’re thrilled to announce thatBaker skateboards will be getting involved on that front. This is not just about music, or skating though – these guys represent a whole lifestyle. As well as visual exhibitions by the likes of JT Rhoades, Lannie Rhoades and BB Bastidas, there will also be stalls featuring Vol.4 Clothing and Psockadelic. We didn’t know we needed Roadburn branded socks until just now, but now we really need them…

The San Diego Takeover is supported by the Performing Arts Fund NL.

The San Diego Takeover is supported by Brabant C and Performing Arts Fund NL.

Date: April 20 | April 21

Time: 19.00 | 22.00

Stage: Hall of Fame | Green Room

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