Sangre De Muerdago To Bring The Ancient Beauty of Galician Culture To Roadburn 2018

The region of Galicia, in north-western Spain, has an incredibly rich culture that will make the delights of anyone who decides to discover more of it. Though it might not the most hip tourist destination, this autonomous community with its own language (Galician, closely related to the neighbouring Portuguese) has a vivid and intense history dating back to prehistoric times, full of important episodes, fairytales and evocative nature.

We naturally encourage you to go and experience this unique atmosphere by yourself, but for a faithful representation of the Galician spirit, you could also go see Sangre De Muerdago at Roadburn 2018. The band led by Pablo C. Ursusson, musician and lyricist who has also done work in painting and sculpture, is deeply connected to the very earth of their homeland – with a background in Spanish punk and other kinds of countercultural movements (these guys have been founders and songwriters of bands such as Ekkaia, ColdWorld and Antlers among others), Sangre De Muerdago is the vehicle through which these musicians leave the harshness and aggression aside and channel the folk tales of Galicia through traditional instruments and gentle, haunting, ancient-sounding singing.

Since 2010, the band has steadily enriched their discographic output as well as their live performances, each time finding new tales to tell and new real and mythological places to visit with each of their songs. Os Segredos Da Raposa Vermella (“The Secrets Of The Red Fox”) is their latest release, an EP that recalls a time before human industry, before cities of concrete and steel, telling us about a little red fox that wandered the region and that liked to hear the melodies and the songs of nature itself. Equally ghostly and grounded as always, this seamless wandering between myth and history, magic and realism, reality and fantasy, between dreams and the here and now, is at the heart of the way in which Sangre De Muerdago – which translates as Blood of the Mistletoe – transmit through music what it means to be Galician.

“It is special for us to bring our music and spirit to Roadburn 2018, we are so honored and looking very much forward to be part of it. Communion with the audience and to summon all the winds and that ancient utter beauty that only music can provide, would be the best reward,” Pablo told us. We believe that wonderful reward is pretty much assured.

Sangre De Muerdago will bring a little bit of Galicia with them to Roadburn on Friday, April 20 at Het Patronaat.

José Carlos Santos / September 2017

Date: April 20

Time: 23.00

Stage: Het Patronaat