Sannhet to write subtexts at Roadburn 2018

When we read about Sannhet’s latest album, So Numb, one line resonated particularly: “while they don’t write lyrics, they do write subtexts.” As a festival, we could identify; we strive to create a coherent narrative to what we’re doing, something attendees can immerse themselves in and something that provides a genuine experience.  

 No doubt it’s perfectly possible to listen to So Numb, nod your head along and let the dark melancholia pass you by entirely. But a far more interesting experience can be had by diving headfirst into the swirling, introspective mass of post-everything-tinged experimental instrumentation. Peel back even just a few layers of the intricacy and wiggle your fingers around under the surface and you’re sure to find something you want to grab hold of, and before you know it, you’ll be clinging on for dear life.  

And sure, it’s perfectly possible to come to Roadburn and just dip your toes in, walk away unchanged at the end of it. But a far more interesting experience can be head by diving in headfirst. Sannhet’s performance could turn out to be a life raft, or it could be exactly what pulls you under. 

The absence of lyrics doesn’t leave us wanting, the stories that Sannhet wordlessly tell are rich, dense and packed full of emotion. Their performance promises a sensory assault as the Brooklyn based three piece dedicate time and attention to the visuals that accompany a live show.  

Sannhet will perform on Thursday, 19 April at the 013 venue. 

Date: April 19

Time: 15.00

Type: Green Room