Discover Scatterwound's Enwrapping Soundscapes when they flicker into existence at Roadburn 2018

Like a rising droning sound, something that starts inaudibly but builds and builds and builds until it’s all you can hear, Scatterwound were, well, scattered for a while, waiting for the universe to be ready for its pieces to finally fall into place. Known experimentalist Dirk Serries (YODOK III, The Void Of Expansion, Fear Falls Burning), whose website proudly proclaims “SHOEGAZE BLISS FREEJAZZ FUZZ” on its title, and Hellmut Neidhardt, aka N, had this collaboration idea floating around in the ether for, rumour has it, almost a decade.

And that it only came properly to fruition once they heard a forgotten recording done at a soundcheck while searching for something else. Somehow, it makes perfect sense that it should be like this – more than music, even ambient, abstract music as it is, Scatterwound is an idea, an ephemeral meeting of travelling minds, blinking in and out of existence, consuming you briefly and then drifting away into another dimension before coming back again.

Before the universe shifts and we lose sight of it for good, measures have been taken, both by the band and by Roadburn – after an unforgettable performance, their first, at Moving Noises festival in February 2017, the two men have already recorded a trilogy of albums, to be released in the upcoming years on Denovali Records, the first of them to be available before Scatterwound become real for long enough to explode at what will surely be a unique Roadburn performance. And if you have doubts about the word “unique” in this context, bear in mind that this concert will feature none other than Justin K. Broadrick himself on third guitar as the most special and appropriate of guests. We’ll probably be wondering if it has actually been real for the rest of our lives.

Scatterwound will envelop Roadburn and the whole of reality with their otherworldly textures on Friday 20 April at the 013 venue.

Date: April 20

Time: 17.00

Stage: Green Room