She Past Away to play Disko Anksiyete in its entirety as part of James Kent's curation

As part of James Kent‘s curation for Roadburn 2020, we are thrilled to announce that modern Turkish darkwave legends She Past Away will be joining us to share this year’s Disko Anksiyete in its entirety on Thursday, April 16. Over the course of their prior albums, the band built a strong identity rooted in genre classics yet carving its own path rather than merely following in the same well trodden gothic footsteps.

On this newest release, they take the rhythmic and dancefloor-ready impulses that were already present in their eldritch darkness and push them to the forefront with an emphasis on synthesizers for more complex melodies and haunting atmospheres. In doing so, the band has both made something even more lush and catered to the live experience without sacrificing any of the tension that made their earlier albums so potent.

Of his selection, James says: “Mixing synth music with a real gothic flair and melancholic post punk sound, She Past Away made me remember how much I love darkwave and they have since been on all of my playlists for the last two years. Their latest album Disko Anksiyete is sure to be on my 2019’s album of the year list.”

With the growth of post-punk and darkwave in our own festival in recent years, we feel that inviting such a pioneering and innovative act is both an honor and a necessity.

Ben Handelman / September 2019

Date: April 16

Time: TBA

Stage: TBA