COMMISSIONED: Solar Temple performing The Great Star Above Provides

We have long championed the experimental underground black metal scene in the Netherlands; drawing bands out of the shadows and onto the Roadburn stages feels like a calling sometimes. Lurking in some of the darkest corners of this fertile scene we found Solar Temple – an entirely studio-focussed duo featuring members of Fluisteraars and Turia – and couldn’t resist tempting them out into the bright lights for this very special edition of Roadburn.

Marking their first ever live performance, this commissioned project is the next step in the band’s evolution. With few other distractions to steer them off course, they have spent many months in their rehearsal space, deconstructing their sound and rebuilding it in a way that would work in the live arena – a process that they describe as a ‘radical reimagining’ of how to compose and perform in their unique style of psychedelic, experimental black metal.

The evolution of their process has meant shedding much of the confining extreme metal elements, and embracing the disparate musical influences that lie at the heart of Solar Temple’s vision. Ceremonial, densely layered psychedelic rock, with a heart deep within the shadowy realm of the Haeresis Noviomagi scene from whence it came are the foundations upon which The Great Star Above Provides was built upon, beholden only to the sublime powers of the sun.

Solar Temple will perform The Great Star Above Provides at Roadburn Redux, which will take place between April 16-18.

Becky Laverty

–Pic: Twan Dan

Date: April 17

Time: 17.00 CEST

Type: Live Streams

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