Sólveig Matthildur to invite Roadburn 2020 on a journey into the shimmering abyss

Sólveig Matthildur first came to Roadburn as part of captivating Icelandic trio, Kælan Mikla, back in 2018. She also performed a sneaky lil’ solo set that same year, so round these parts we consider her to be part of the family. So, with that in mind we’re delighted to announce that she will be performing at Roadburn once again this April.

It seems the feeling is mutual as she told us: “I am so happy to perform at Roadburn again! It is such a magical festival and the line-up this year is so very diverse, which I always love. I will use this opportunity to present a new world of dreams and confusion I have been writing. I am excited to see it come to life.”

On her sophomore album, Constantly In Love, Sólveig created dark and glittering swirls of synths with lush vocals embedded in the ebbs and flows of dystopian sonic landscapes. Her output isn’t a million miles away from what she does with the band, but she has emblazoned her own mark on what she does alone, making it distinct and alluring in equal measure. When Sólveig invites you on a journey into the shimmering abyss, you must say yes.

Becky Laverty / February 2020

Date: April 16

Time: TBA

Stage: Hall of Fame

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