EXCLUSIVE SETS (Pelagic Presents): SOM showcasing two tracks from Awake

As part of Roadburn Redux, we have joined forces with Germany’s Pelagic Records to showcase artists on the label’s roster under the banner ‘Pelagic Presents.’ With no indication of slowing down, this positively prolific label is churning out stellar release after stellar release, even during the last twelve challenging months. Join us as we team up to bring you an exciting collection of premiers, exclusive performances and more. Brace yourselves, we’re going deep…

If you mix a pinch of Junius with a sprinkling of Caspian, then add a dash of Constants before mixing it all up, the result is SOM – both literally and sonically. Like many artists, their plans were thrown askew due to the pandemic, but never ones to be idling, they have come together apart to create a brand new EP comprising new tracks and remixes. The release, titled Awake, is an accurate reflection of SOM in 2021.

For an alternate view of SOM at this moment in time, tune in to Roadburn Redux where we’ll be premiering a special performance video, shot recently in a church and showcasing two tracks from the EP. Expect soaring instrumentation and lush arrangements coming to life in a typically SOM-fashion.

The band tells us: “We’ve long been fans of Roadburn; two of us (Joel and Mike) had the honor of performing there in 2015 with our former band, Junius. The festival continues to set the highest standard in curation and creates an entire culture around it. While we dream of the day we can return to Tilburg to play in front of a live audience, we’re grateful to be part of this year’s proceedings, even if it’s only virtually.”

SOM will perform as part of Pelagic Presents at Roadburn Redux, happening between April 16-18.

Becky Laverty

Date: April 16

Time: 17.50 CEST

Type: Exclusive Sets