Sordide to perform Les idées blanches as part of Milena Eva & Thomas Sciarone's curated event

Despite a well-documented past and iconic beginnings, black metal has evolved beyond Venom and Darkthrone; the genre has broadened allowing room for new strains to emerge. They may share some of the same DNA of the genre’s forefathers, but modern black metal can take many shapes, sizes and attitudes. One particularly alluring form is the power trio that form Sordide, a band that also caught the ears of our 2022 curators, Milena Eva and Thomas Sciarone. 

The French three-piece capture the rawness that’s necessary to be a true black metal band, but with production values that keep them on the listenable side of lo-fi –  they even manage to infuse a degree of melody and brief moments of lightness. Released earlier this year, their latest album Les idées blanches will be performed in full at Roadburn 2022. 

Of their invitation, Thomas and Milena commented: To only stand out in the dense landscape of 21st century black metal itself is no small feat. To achieve so with such a primal and spontaneous approach, really gets our hearts pumping. Let’s see if Roadburn is big enough to contain Sordide’s energy.”

The band adds: “We’re very happy to be presenting our last album in its entirety. After a long period of silence, being invited to Roadburn carries a very special importance and gleams beautifully on the horizon.”

Join us as we celebrate the primal energy of Sordide at Roadburn 2022.

Date: April 23

Time: TBA

Stage: TBA

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