Splinter ready to go more than skin deep at Roadburn 2020

With their hearts in the boogie and their minds in the gutter, Amsterdam‘s Splinter could hardly be more appropriate to launch Roadburn 2020 at our pre-show on Wednesday, 15 April.

They’ll be a new name to Roadburners far and wide, and that’s just the way we like it. Splinter played their first shows in October 2019 in The Netherlands — their first gig was sold out in Amsterdam — and to-date have released two 7″ singles that should go a long way to answering why we had to have them. Comprised of vocalist Douwe Truijens, guitarist Sander Bus, organist Gertjan Gutman and drummer Barry van Esbroek, they’re a classic rocker’s punkiest, struttingest dreams come to life. When they tell you in Bitter Sounds to get of the way, they mean it.

They also mean the handclaps. And the cowbell on Robothell. They mean all of it. Because Splinter are nothing if not a direct good-time electrocution straight into the crowd. We know damn well it’s a weird fit with The Dead Cvlt and Early Graves, and that’s the whole idea. Expect to be blindsided and then be blindsided anyway. Again, just how we like it.

Way back in 2013, we introduced Planet Roadburn to Death Alley, who went on to reap international acclaim far and wide with Douwe out front. As he and Sander (who played bass in DA’s final lineup) push into this new direction, they both continue Death Alley‘s legacy and throw an irreverent fist in the air that’s all their own. As much as we feel like we’re welcoming Douwe back as a member of our Roadburn family, rest assured, it’ll be a brand new future when Splinter take the stage.

JJ Koczan / January 2020

Date: April 15

Time: TBA

Stage: Green Room