Sum of R to perform new album, Lahbryce, at Roadburn 2022

Previously scheduled for the 2020 edition of Roadburn and for obvious reasons forced into something of a sabbatical, Sum Of R hasn’t idled. In fact, the forced ‘down time’ proved to be fruitful in a myriad of ways – leading to a whole new incarnation of the project. Led by Reto Mäder, Sum Of R was set to embark on a tour with a stop at Roadburn before everything ground to a halt. The two-piece instrumental version of Sum Of R that was then has morphed into something with a clearer voice now – both literally and philosophically. 

Like many great things, the additions to Mäder’s vision hail from Finland – in this case members of Dark Buddha Rising, Atomikylä, Waste of Space Orchestra, Hexvessel. This creative liaison – first established on the joint Dark Buddha Rising / Sum Of R tour of 2018 – developed into the 2021 lineup consisting of Reto Mäder (bass, drones, synth, effects), Marko Neuman (vocals, synth) & Jukka Rämänen (drums, percussion). As soon as restrictions allowed, Mäder travelled to Finland to enter the studio for three weeks and capture some of the magic on record. 

The result of that session is the upcoming album Lahbryce which will see a release via Consouling Sounds in this coming March, and be performed in full at Roadburn 2022. We can – and we will – tell you the ways that this psychedelic new album delights us over the coming months. However, you can already get a first taste of the sound with the Lahbryce album song Hymn For The Formless, performed live at DAFT studios in Belgium during November 2021, HERE via Metal Injection. And as an indication of our faith in the direction of Sum Of R, we thought it only fitting that their presentation of Lahbryce at Roadburn should take place on the main stage. Prepare to give yourself over to their hypnotic darkness. 

Of their upcoming performance, Mäder commented:

“It is a special honour for us to play with the new Sum Of R lineup at Roadburn. Despite all the known global adversities of the last 2 years, we have used this time to grow from an instrumental project to a Swiss-Finnish band with a voice beyond barriers. Playing this new album at Roadburn represents the opportunity for us to give back and share something that Roadburn has stood for years for us: the pure pleasure for new adventures and constant transformations as a common experience in praise of the subliminal stimuli.”

Join us as we prepare to welcome a newly transformed Sum Of R, more resplendent than ever. 

-Becky Laverty

Date: April 22

Time: TBA

Stage: TBA

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