Promising a special, stripped back set, we can’t wait to be captivated by what Sylvaine brings to the Roadburn stage

Sylvaine may be a late stage addition to Emma Ruth Rundle’s The Gilded Cage, but consider her fashionably late rather than an afterthought. She has been on Emma’s wishlist for some time, and when an opportunity arose, we grabbed it with both hands. What an honour to have this ethereal polymath in our midst, performing her enthrallingly dark lullaby-esque missives for us.

A split EP, Time Without End was released last month via Prophecy Productions – and will serve you well as an introduction to Sylvaine’s musical mastery. Use it as a jumping off point to dive into her earlier work, which takes on a slightly darker hue with black metal overtones creeping into the picture. With lush arrangements and intricate instrumentation, it’s easy to lose yourself in the songs of Sylvaine – and we invite you to do just that when she performs for us in April. Promising a special, stripped back set, we can’t wait to be captivated by what she brings to the Roadburn stage.

Sylvaine tells us: “When Emma got in touch about being a part of The Gilded Cage, I was overwhelmed with excitement and gratitude. Not only to take part in an event curated by such a wonderful artist and dear friend, but to be a part of the whole experience that is Roadburn. It’s a dream come true to be honest and I absolutely can’t wait to bring a very special, naked and emotional Sylvaine set to life during the festival”

Of her choice, Emma adds: “Much in line with a good portion of my curation this choice also comes down to a live performance I witnessed that I found to be gripping. I became acquainted with Sylvaine through touring with Alcest in 2014. From there I grew to know her albums, follow her career and even become friends. We were meant to play together in Paris in 2018 but for extenuating circumstances, the show had to be canceled. But the silver lining is that we rebooked and played in 2019; for this show she was without the full band and — wow. Alone on the stage in the dark with one light shining on her, she was literally glowing like a magical being and the voice that came from her was equally luminous. It was a transportive experience to see her this way. So pure and moving; which is why I’ve asked she bring this special magic to Roadburn 2020.”

Sylvaine will perform as part of Emma Ruth Rundle’s The Gilded Cage curated event at Roadburn 2020.

Becky Laverty / February 2020

Date: April 16

Time: TBA

Stage: Green Room