Kickstarter Games will host a weekend long tabletop gaming area at the Pit Stop - with a big games event on Saturday afternoon.

Who knew there was such a passion for tabletop gaming amongst Roadburners? Not us… at least not until pretty recently! Thanks to our friends at Kickstarter, we have created a little haven for those of you who want to take some time out from the madness and head to another plane of existence… in gaming terms at least.

Housed in the Pit Stop, you will be more than welcome to bring your own games or make use of what’s on offer in the Kickstarter cabinet of wonder (spoiler: it will having games and gaming supplies in it).

On Saturday at 1pm Kickstarter will be hosting something of a games extravaganza, showcasing new games funded by the gaming community and created with the support of people just like you. Whether you stick to what you know or branch out into new realms, please feel free to utilise this area in the Pit Stop to indulge in your passion for all things tabletop gaming!

Bring your deck!

The Pit Stop – open all weekend, games event Saturday, 1pm

Date: April 11-14

Time: 13.00

Stage: The Pit Stop