Tankzilla to go full tilt boogie at Roadburn 2019

We simply can’t hold back when we hear a good band at Roadburn HQ – though the line up has been complete for quite a while, we decided to add Eindhoven Rockcity’s Tankzilla the very last minute.

After Peter Pan Speedrock went tits up, singer and guitarist Peter Van Elderen hooked up with former Wolfskop drummer Marcin Hurkmans only to go full tilt boogie once more.

With just a couple of scorching songs under their belt (and no release yet), this two headed creature will wreck Roadburn as their heavier than-thou, Godzilla-sized buzz bombs will hit you like 40.000 tons of steel. Feel the splintered tarmac, feel the wreckage, and dance!

Date: April 14

Time: 16.40 - 17.20

Stage: Hall of Fame

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