COMMISSIONED: TDC INC. performing Corporate

Sometimes there’s a label that you simply can’t ignore. Enter Rotterdam record label PRSPCT, hailing from a city where lightning seems to strike relentlessly. The international port remains highly influential for the Dutch underground when it comes to punk and noise, but Rotterdam has also spawned hard electronic music – think hard drum & bass and gabber. What began as a platform for this ear-piercing noise terror two decades ago, expanded into a quality label covering a broad spectrum of relentless electronic music.

With time it was inevitable that both PRSPCT and Roadburn would come together, as we share a kindred anti-authoritarian spirit, while defying musical borders as well – hence inviting the The Dead Cvlt to Roadburn 2020. For obvious reasons, these noisy PRSPCT-rebels couldn’t unleash their severely violent culture clash onto the festival. Most of us will have to wait for another time for a face to face experience of their head on collision of industrial, hardcore, drum & bass, electronic violence and (black) metal, offering a suitably fucked up soundtrack for a world visibly in decay.

As their asphyxiating maelstrom of bludgeoning beats, guitars and imagery is still very urgent, it prompted us to make sure that both the label and The Dead Cvlt are part of Roadburn Redux commissioned music projects, as we’re beyond intrigued to see and hear how the confinement of the pandemic has influenced their artistry. Based upon the very cryptic fax we received from PRSPCT-HQ – we can only imagine what lies in store.

Be forewarned!


We have received a ‘memo’ from THE DEAD CVLT which seems to suggest that the band has retreated into some kind of anonymous, non-hierarchical corporate structure they keep referring to as ‘The Organization’. In this ‘memo’, it is stated that ‘Corporate’ will visit the online sphere of ‘the Roadburn auditorium’ (???) with a slew of guests or ‘Cogs’, as they call them, to discuss ‘The Organization and its goals for Q3 and Q4’, which we take to mean (hopefully?) that they’ll play an evening of seriously heavy music.

Seeing that the band formerly known as THE DEAD CVLT consisted of members from various serious hardcore punk and death metal groups, and well-known DJ’s and producers of electronic violence, we assume this night will expand on that theme times 8000. Indeed they tell us there will be guests. As they say, trust them(?).

Date: April 16

Time: 23.30 CEST

Type: Live Streams