EXCLUSIVE SETS: Territoire & XLR Estudio performing Étude de la profondeur

An admirer of concrete music, French award-winning composer Olivier Arson, AKA Territoire, took an interest in transcending the artistic outskirts of Roadburn 2019 by driving extreme tensions between experimental instrumentation, electronics, noise and a powerful narrative fragment.

As we even keep pushing the boundaries of what Roadburn is with Roadburn Redux, we have invited Territoire to present his haunting third album, Étude de la profondeur, in its entirety, and in collaboration with XLR Estudio.

Drawing for inspiration on the sound and the mutations a body produces when falling through a series of different layers, the abstract, almost unedited improvisations that make up Étude de la profondeur are brutally intense and stripped of all humanity. Its exceedingly uneasy soundscapes move between the silence of depths forgotten by time and creaking of geological layers in tension, spawned by controlled noise and the urgent need for a pressing sound.

Olivier Arson says: “I wish we could play in front of an audience because this performance is very much a case of feeling the pressure of sound but still we’re delighted to take part in this special edition and get our Roadburn fix before hopefully coming back soon to Tilburg again!! We will play the highly accidental ‘Étude de la profondeur’ in its full form from our own warehouse and should be a treat for the eyes!!”

Territoire and XLR Estudio will perform Étude de la profondeur in full at Roadburn Redux, set for April 16 – 18. The album is due out April 23 through Humo Internacional.

Date: April 18

Time: 18.10 CEST

Type: Exclusive Sets