As well as participating in Maalstroom, Terzij de Horde will perform their own set at Roadburn 2019

Terzij De Horde‘s 2016 Roadburn performance was a visceral onslaught of life-affirming exaltation through black metal. Lest we forget, underlying this burning rage was some exquisitely crafted and hardcore-infused black metal, alongside some of the most well-written and thought provoking lyrics the genre has seen. But that was then, and the band that takes to the stage in 2019 will not be the same band playing the same music.

For one, because they will be focusing their performance on a new record, but there’s more to it, as Terzij De Horde themselves explained to us:

‘Self’ came from our experiences across six years of writing, and captured the summative us in that given moment. In our new music, we’re moving beyond the ‘self’ to engage with the shaping and reproduction of power and knowledge, between individuals and across groups and generations. This is a core concern in our lives, close to our daily experiences as educators, researchers, communicators. We approach the destructive as well as generative dimensions of knowledge and power across time – and this multidimensional approach is in keeping with the band seeking greater extremes in the musical spectrum.

“It is in this exploration of the webs woven by past and present powers that the individual must define identity. Like Krallice, Emperor, Ved Buens Ende, Shora, Buried Inside, and others, Terzij de Horde takes the past and values it for purpose, nothing more. There are boundaries to cross, and no law is written without punitive measures to safeguard sacred reliquaries. Take what is yours.

You heard them… on April 13, at Het Patronaat, it is time to take what is yours.

Luís Pires

Date: April 13

Time: 19.40-20.40

Stage: Het Patronaat