The Dead Cvlt to gravitate towards ear-piercing noise terror at Roadburn 2020's Ignnition

Sometimes you hear something so exciting that it simply can’t be ignored. Enter Rotterdam’s The Dead Cvlt, hailing from a city where lightning seems to strike relentlessly. The international port keeps being highly influential for the Dutch underground when it comes to punk and noise, but Rotterdam also spawned hardcore drum and bass globally. With time it was inevitable that these so often separate genres would collide and become an asphyxiating maelstrom of bludgeoning beats and guitars.

Consisting of legendary PRSPCT artists Thrasher and Limewax, next to Dutch hardcore punk stalwarts Lemmy, Sjarm13 and Julian, it’s The Dead Cvlt pioneering this severely violent culture clash. They are amped up on a lethal dose of misanthropic black metal, pounding blastbeats and oldschool drum and bass, and offer a suitably fucked up soundtrack for a world visibly in decay by dropping unrelenting amen beats as well. The Dead Cvlt doesn’t shy away from throwing in some gabber for good measure, either.

Mind you, we’re not talking about some background noise here. The Dead Cvlt addresses an anti-authoritarian spirit which violently gravitates to ear-piercing noise terror, and played 100 percent live. With a full-length in the works, the follow-up to their jolting five-track EP, The Cataclyst, it’s obvious that only The Dead Cvlt could ignite Roadburn 2020 Wednesday, 15 April. Be forewarned, as Rotterdam fright is real – The Dead Cvlt don’t sound the alarm, they only add fuel to our disintegrating planet.

Date: April 15

Time: TBA

Stage: Green Room