The Devil's Trade will unite doom and folk at Roadburn 2020

Dávid Makó is a known singer in Hungary‘s metal scene, having fronted Stereochrist and currently holding that post for HAW, but his better known endeavour might well end up being his initially unassuming acoustic solo project, The Devil’s Trade. That he put out an EP last year called Happy Music Is Shit, a phrase also used on some The Devil’s Trade t-shirts that will certainly sell like hot cakes at Roadburn, more or less defines the mood you can expect from Dávid‘s songwriting approach.

His take is somewhat similar to the solo works of Neurosis duo Scott Kelly and Steve Von Till – clearly showing his background as a musician from the dark side, so to speak, but retreating deeper into nature and folk simplicity in search of his roots and a different kind of inspiration.

That mix of doom and metal-in-spirit with the earthy tones of acoustic folk has been the prevalent ambiance of both The Devil’s Trade records, Those Miles We Walked Alone (2014) and What Happened To The Little Blind Crow (2018), as it will be, we expect, of his eagerly anticipated Roadburn show. This sort of music has a history of surprisingly powerful performances at the festival, and with the talent on display here, be prepared for what just might be one of 2020‘s hidden gems.

Of the Roadburn performance, Makó comments: “I am not a man of dreaming yet I had only one dream and it felt safe to dream about because it was so far and impossible. It was another league where all my favorite bands play. This dream was Roadburn and it is coming true.”

José Carlos Santos / January 2020

Date: April 19

Time: TBA

Stage: Hall of Fame