The Exorcist GBG to perform on Tomas Lindberg's curated event The Burning Darkness

Given that Gothenburg is quite the hotbed of musical talent, it’s no surprise that there’s something of a crossover between bands from time to time. In amongst the bands invited for his The Burning Darkness curated event, Tomas Lindberg is set to present The Exorcist GBG – a band that shares members of Uran. Here Tomas explains why there were a “must have” for his event:

The Exorcist GBG – consisting of members of the beast that is Uran GBG – is a mind and time bending electronic psych experience, with a serious funk dance groove, like the legendary Goblin on dangerous cult-ritual-inducing drugs. Hypnotic, driving, with an evil gleam in their collective eye, this feverish Gothenburg based collective will cause some serious havoc on the dancefloor in Tilburg. Let your mind be dissolved and carried into the realms of electronic Italian horror grooves interlocked with the most hypnotic spacekraut. Together with Uran, this is a show you seriously can’t miss.”

Date: April 13

Time: 18.20-19.10

Stage: Green Room

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