Freakout Masters The Heads Return To Roadburn in 2018!

The Heads have a special place in the history of Roadburn. Not just because the UK psych lords have made multiple visits over the years – 2006, 2008, artists-in-residence in 2015 – but for the transformative effect their sets have had on the crowds, the vibe, the very fest itself. Nobody takes Roadburn to where The Heads take Roadburn.

Did you hear the Burning up With… live album? You can get a sense of it there – that special presence The Heads bring. Sure, their material is classic. Culled from landmarks like Relaxing With… and Everybody Knows We Got Nowhere, it’s the stuff of your space-rocking daydreams, and guitarist/vocalist Simon Price, guitarist Paul Allen, bassist Hugo Morgan, and drummer Wayne Maskell deliver it with maximum volume and acid-laced glory.

But even this can only capture a fraction of being there, pulling your earplugs out and letting the band’s massive swell of volume and fuzz utterly consume you. It’s not just about jams or about the kosmiche hypnosis of KRT.” It’s a moment of communion as rare as it is gorgeous as it is immersive. Be ready to get lost in that moment once again.

Roadburn’s Artistic Director Walter sums it up like this: “There’s such a spiritual connection between The Heads and Roadburn. We’re excited to welcome them back as the band has been such an important part of the festival over the years. The Heads are one of those quintessential Roadburn bands that you’d love to see over and over again.”

“Roadburn is the best festival The Heads have played,” enthuses Simon Price. “The vibes, the crowds, the bands, the organisation; it’s the whole package. Roadburn always delivers. Playing on stage or just wandering around, it makes me grin. It is The Heads’ spiritual home. We can’t wait to bring it on again in 2018.”

Having graced the Main Stage in 2015, The Heads will play a more intimate set Saturday, April 21, in the Green Room at Roadburn 2018.

JJ Koczan / September 2017

Date: April 21

Time: 20.10

Stage: Green Room

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