The Holy Family converges with the Roadburn family at Roadburn 2022.

With open hearts and expanded minds, welcome The Holy Family to Roadburn Festival 2022!

Centered around founding principal David J. Smith, this six-member strong, UK-based acid-mantra outfit released their self-titled debut earlier in 2021 through Rocket Recordings. The results were nothing less than an opportunity for anyone who took them on to turn themselves into multi-colored fireworks, pulling together a worldly sound from a variety of folk traditions to craft something new, something forward.

The psychedelia for a future born of many pasts. A cohesive exploring of multiple etherealities and intertwining timelines. Pieces of a whole, you understand, and we’re all the whole.

“We are over the moon to be performing at Roadburn in 2022 and can’t wait to bring The Holy Family’s psych dream logic to Tilburg. So much respect for this wondrous, creative, tour de force of a festival. Let the Holy Family and the Roadburn Family converge!” – David J Smith

In tracks like the 12-minute Inner Edge of Outer Mind and the percussive, repetitive, chanting Skulls The….”, The Holy Family conjure fluidity beyond the dogma of microgenre. Limits turning to dust. Eyes closed. We go. Imagine that. Multispectral kosmische thrusters on. Ready for drift.

On record, it is something to behold. Live? Well, we just don’t know yet, but you can be damn sure we’re looking forward to finding out.

-JJ Koczan

Date: April 23

Time: TBA

Stage: TBA