The Sweet Release of Death will wow Roadburn 2020 with their angular No Wave

Rotterdam, as an international port, has always been a breeding point for the Dutch underground, and the city’s own The Sweet Release of Death are no exception, as this angular no wave trio ranks among the most exciting noise bands to come out of The Netherlands right now. Astounding crowds all across our native country and reaping accolades abroad, we felt the urge to present The Sweet Release of Death to our multi-national Roadburn community as well on Friday, 17 April.

Testing the waters through several offerings for past few years, The Sweet Release of Death begin an impressive, new journey with The Blissful Joy of Living, their latest LP. With combined elements of noise rock, grunge and shoegaze, the band unleash shards of molten noise which are sonically challenging, guttural, and equal parts significant and individualized.

The Sweet Release of Death might defy some Roadburners‘ expectations, but we can’t wait for them to broaden the styles and sounds of the festival even farther. Like The Sweet Release of Death, we’re on a path of discovery – hence the invitation. Plus, we want to experience ourself how the band will capture Roadburn and keep everyone locked into their brooding world, come what may.

Date: April 17

Time: TBA

Stage: Hall of Fame