Thor Harris to bring the humble beauty of Thor & Friends to Roadburn 2019

Free expression has always been at the core of Thor Harris’s approach to not just art, but life as a whole. Whether you first heard him through the primal beauty of his work with Swans, from his brilliantly honest guide on surviving life as a touring musician, or from his now-viral video on how to punch Nazis without hurting yourself, you surely know him as someone whose focus is direct and whose joy is infectious even when handling darker subject matter.

As the mastermind of Thor & Friends, he spreads an almost gamelan-like approach to collaborative creation, offering up warm, hypnotic songs that are playful and immersive, with subtle layers of melody that work their way deep into the subconscious of the listener. We’re thrilled to bring such raw, expressive sound to Roadburn 2019 and we hope you’ll join us in bliss as Thor & Friends shares their humble beauty with us all at Roadburn on Thursday, 11 April.

Ben Handelman

Date: April 11

Time: 15.10-16.10

Stage: Green Room