Thou x The Body & Friends collaboration to perform at Roadburn Festival 2018 as part of Jacob Bannon’s curation

Exclusively for Roadburn Festival 2018 Thou will team with members of The Body, as well as with Braveyoung drummer Zac Jones. All together they will perform material from the two collaborative albums from Thou & The Body, as well as expand on other songs within their collective catalog.

“Since their inception I’ve been following Thou. Their restlessness and drive for experimentation has been inspiring to follow. The same goes for The Body. They’ve been such an incredible band to watch evolve from release to release. When they joined together on their Released From Love and You Whom I Have Always Hated collaborations I was floored. Together, they amplify the best parts of each band’s individual output. Making some of the heaviest and most intense music of the last few years. This collaboration is a must listen and perfect fit for Roadburn Festival”Jacob Bannon.

Date: April 21

Time: 23.20

Type: Koepelhal