Tomas Lindberg will be curating The Burning Darkness at Roadburn 2019

Roadburn has a diverse history of curators. Each year, one creative is selected to put their stamp on a corner of the festival, imprinting a little bit of themselves on the Roadburn map. Former curators include Jacob Bannon, Mikael Akerfeldt, and Lee Dorrian – a mix as eclectic as the Roadburn line up itself. Each year, these artists bring something special to the table; in their own style, in their own unique way.

Carrying the torch for the curator tradition in 2019 is Tomas Lindberg who will present bands under the banner The Burning Darkness. A true gentleman who needs little in the way of an introduction, but we can’t resist giving him one anyway. The impact he has had as the frontman for Swedish death metal titans, At The Gates, is significant enough on its own, but throw in his other musical endeavours and you start to get a fuller picture.

Having performed at Roadburn in 2016 with Disfear (a riotous set which saw that year’s curator, John Dyer Baizley, crowd surfing!), Lindberg is no stranger to our stages. Although best known for his work with At The Gates and Disfear, stints in Skitsystem and Lock Up plus his output with The Great Deceiver likely mean that he’s gotten a look in on many a Roadburner’s record collection.

If his own musical output is not enough of a quality indicator, his insatiable appetite for new music should be. A champion of underground bands and an avid Roadburn attendee: he has been known to stake out his spot at Roadburn – front and centre – when bands are still setting up their gear (much to various musicians’ bewilderment!). When our paths crossed at a breakfast table at another European festival a few summers back, he declared “Roadburn is just… my taste! It’s my record collection in festival form.” That stuck with us, and we knew that we’d be in good company if we joined forces; a passionate music fan can spot another a mile off!

As we set off down the path towards Tomas’ curated event at Roadburn 2019, early conversations indicate that he won’t hold back in bringing a selection of bands that will be must-see events. We’re sure there will be some curveballs, and plenty of surprises along the way, but we’re also certain that The Burning Darkness won’t disappoint.

To get a taste of Tomas’ music taste, check out his recent playlist HERE.

“There really are no words that can describe just how excited I am about this! To be asked to curate Roadburn in 2019 is an incredible honor. I have been at the last three editions of Roadburn, and it is by far my favorite musical happening every year. It is here I finally get to see bands live that have been on my radar for a while, and it is here that I – without fail – discover new music.”

“Just because of my involvement with At The Gates, Roadburn 2019 isn’t going to turn into a death metal festival, however there will definitely be a renewed focus on darkness and extremity – in every form.”

“I know curating a part of the Roadburn festival is a huge responsibility; one that I take deeply seriously. I am aiming to stay true to the Roadburn tradition of bringing a mix of exciting favourites mixed with a lot of new, challenging artists to the festival. Roadburn for me has always been about eclecticism, and underground music of all styles that desperately demand your attention. Walter and I have already started talking about possibilities, and I am super excited about the direction of these talks. See you there!”

Tomas Lindberg Redant, Antwerp, July 2019

“Having met Tomas several years ago, we formed an instant friendship based purely on a love of music. When he started to attend Roadburn in the last few years, that connection deepened as he is so in tune with what we are doing at Roadburn; in some ways it already feels like he is part of the team, so his curation was inevitable! I am so excited to see his curation unfold, and I can’t wait to see the impact he will have on the festival.”

Walter Roadburn

Pic: Ester Segarra