Trialogos reprise Roadburn Redux performance for 2022

“Trialogos was born out of the need for liberation, and it feels as Roadburn is the perfect place to exercise this need and further continue the road we have taken.

Since the very beginning this festival has never failed to astonish with its overabundance of creativity, its will to challenge and be challenged and especially its overall vibe of tolerance, curiosity and playfulness.

We are very much looking forward to bringing our alchemical kraut drones to the stage in this beautiful mystical oasis. 

Greetings from all three of us and see you soon,

Conny, October 2021″

Conny Ochs will be familiar to longtime Roadburners who have been enraptured by his soul-soothing sounds at past editions. And in formation as part of Trialogos – alongside bandmates Sicker Man and Kiki Bohemia – he will also be familiar to those who tuned into Roadburn Redux this past April as the three-piece reached through our screens and into our hearts. 

That performance heralded the emergence of Stroh Zu Gold – their debut album, which was recorded in just three short days. Inspired by the late Tony Conrad’s concept of maximalism in minimal music, their Redux performance resonated with Roadburners and limited edition variants of the album were snapped up within minutes. 

We’re thrilled to welcome them back to Roadburn – this time in 3D – to bring their hypnotic soundscapes and eerie audio to life in Tilburg! Join us!

-Becky Laverty

Date: April 21

Time: 20.00

Stage: Next Stage