Virginia's True Body will be performing at Roadburn 2020 as part of James Kent’s curation

With a calculated sense of tension and just enough human touch to cut through their own cold post-punk atmospheres, Virginia‘s True Body has built a following with their urgent and impassioned music. Instead of falling into melodramatic excess or disconnected affectations, the band manages to bring the best of each realm for something that leaves audiences rapt and thrilled. With this masterful take on such a beloved sound, we’re honored to announce that True Body will be performing at Roadburn 2020 as part of James Kent’s curation.

James comments: “I’ve had the chance to share the stage with True Body in Richmond where their synth driven post punk sounded truly authentic but also new and modern all at the same time. They are my absolute favorite discovery of the last couple of years and a band which I believe to be criminally underrated.”

Following their recent signing to cult post-punk and darkwave record Funeral Party Records, eyes and ears in the darker underground are peeled for news of a debut LP from this talented act after a series of demos, EPs, and splits that have all gained serious traction.

From sorrowful melodies to punchy rhythms, we expect True Body to do more than simply perform songs. Indeed, the emotional depth and intensity of their music is an actual journey, in keeping with the Roadburn tradition of transcending narrower genre convention. With potential new material on the horizon, we can only imagine the vastness and beauty of what’s to come when they make their Roadburn debut.

Ben Handelman / November 2019

Date: April 19

Time: TBA

Stage: Green Room