As well as participating in Maalstroom, Turia will perform their own set at Roadburn

Ever since the release of the beautifully raw Dor in 2015, Turia‘s path has seen them go from strength to strength, and push their take on black metal in every conceivable way. To that point, less than two years had passed when, on the heels of their sophomore album Dede Kondre, they were responsible for one of the best black metal performances during Roadburn 2017. That they have released two split releases this year and indicated an immeasurable step up in output only leaves us more excited to have them return for the 2019 edition.

We have gotten to a point where few black metal bands manage to strike the balance between beauty and punishing harshness whilst narrowing ever closer to the genre’s core sounds in quite the way that Turia has. As much should be clear after they take to the Patronaat stage on Saturday, April 13.

Luís Pires

Date: April 13

Time: 16.30-17.20

Stage: Het Patronaat

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