Twin Temple will be hailing Satan with their self-described 'satanic doo-wop' at Roadburn 2019

No strangers to the odd Satanic ritual, we at Roadburn found ourselves drawn to Twin Temple. But it wasn’t by pursuing the putrid stench of pigs blood, or by following the hellbound screams of sacrificial virgins that led us to the altar of Twin Temple. We simply allowed ourselves to be swept along by their enchanting doo-wop pop stylings; a much more pleasant affair and far easier on the clean up job.

Self-described as ‘Satanic Doo-Wop’, Twin Temple hail from Los Angeles as well as hailing Satan. The unique brainchild of high priest couple Alexandra and Zachary James, Twin Temple combines many of the blood-soaked traditions of occultism – that have become oh-so familiar to those on nodding terms with heavy music – and smothered them in unforgettable, life affirming melody.

Inspired by the swinging sixties and Americana, this pair seek to dispel the myth that Satan has a ‘type’. Having said that, it’s long been claimed that the Devil has the best tunes, and if to prove that point, Twin Temple have tunes for days. Hook laden, dripping in slippery smooth refrains, and shot through with lust.

Whilst Twin Temple is undoubtedly steeped in theatrics, there is a message behind their melodrama. Committing to exercising free will and advocating the same for others, positions Twin Temple in the potentially unique place of hailing the dark lord and lending a voice to the oppressed in the same breath. What could represent free will more than combining their most driving passions in one saxophone speckled, non-conformist, feminist, black-clad, Satan-worshipping showdown!?

On their performance at Roadburn, Twin Temple writes:

“Roadburn will be our first time bringing our unholy ritual to Europe, and we couldn’t think of a more diabolical opportunity to shed our virgin blood. As our set time spans the witching hour Thursday night, we will most definitely take advantage of the thinning veil and invite those who commune with us to invoke dark demons, as well as take a partner and dance to the classic sound of golden age American rock ‘n’ roll. We admire Roadburn’s exaltation of all things dark and unique, that transcends boring norms and rigid binaries, demonstrating that heavy music, like the Devil herself, takes many forms. We’re honored to be part of this fiendish line up. Ave Satanas!”

Date: April 11

Time: 22.30-23.20

Stage: Het Patronaat