Ultha will resurface from the depths for Roadburn 2020

A couple of months ago Ultha informed their followers that the band was taking a break in 2020, an unexpected turn which seems to cast an even darker shadow of melancholy and sorrow to their already bleak take on black metal, as evidenced on records as pitch dark as The Inextricable Wandering, their latest from 2018. However, as Ralph Schmidt, the creative mind behind the German band, told us recently, “Sometimes things happen different from what you planned.” And he’s right – Roadburn and its co-curator James Kent have pulled Ultha back from the void where they were planning to hibernate in for a very special appearance at Roadburn 2020.

“While we were on tour in October, just shortly after we announced that we will take a break in 2020, we got one of the nicest mails by James Kent, asking us if we’d be willing to take an exception to play Roadburn 2020,” Ralph recalls. “I mean, let’s face it, how could any band say no to play this prestigious festival, which has brought so many memorable installations? So a ‘regular’ invitation would’ve already been a no-brainer, but receiving such a heartfelt message, by a prolific and passionate artist we all respect, telling us how much he admires our work, really made it that more special. So, we are more than thrilled to be part of James’ curation for Roadburn 2020, playing our Belong EP in full plus selected cuts from our other releases.”

And that, dear Roadburners, really does say it all. An Ultha performance with an even bigger atmosphere of uniqueness and transient urgency – not to be missed.

James Kent adds: “Ultha has been putting me in states of trance ever since the release of their album The Inextricable Wandering, featuring masterfully crafted, long, narrative-like pieces of music. Their new EP, Belong, takes the formula even further. Both tracks holding your attention with a firm hand and dragging you into what I can only describe as some of the darkest atmospheric black metal I’ve ever heard.”

José Carlos Santos / December 2019

Date: April 18

Time: TBA

Stage: Koepelhal