Ural Umbo awaken from hibernation for Roadburn 2022

After almost a decade of silence, earlier this year a door is creaked open and Ural Umbo marched right on through, bringing with them a brand new album titled Roomer. Helmed by Reto Mäder, Ural Umbo takes on a new form for their 2021/22 incarnation, as he teams up with Marko Neuman (Sum Of R, Dark Buddha Rising, Waste Of Space Orchestra, Convocation). Consider the hibernation period over, Ural Umbo are awakening from their slumber, and bringing their avant-garde experimentalism to Roadburn 2022.

Mäder comments: “Thanks to Roadburn’s invitation we have made this studio project ready for live performance. After a 10-year break, we will present songs from the current album, Roomer, as well as unreleased songs for the first time in a new guise. We consider our sound as a transmitter to an in-between world of knocking ghosts and lost souls and we have always been looking for a certain kind of audience with whom we share a common state of mind to open up new rooms; rooms where perception is allowed to be borderless. We can’t imagine a better audience for this than the open minded Roadburn community.”

Roomer is steeped in psychedelia and exists within an intricately layered soundscape of hellish forms and endless voids, reminiscent of a horror movie soundtrack. More melodic moments feel like a ruse to draw you deeper into the sinister tangle of drone and ominous ritualism. To underline and maximise their maelstrom sound, they will perform live as a trio, backed on drums and percussion by Jukka Rämänen (Sum Of R, Dark Buddha Rising, Waste Of Space Orchestra, Hexvessel, Dust Mountain).

Enter at your own risk, but be assured, you won’t forget Ural Umbo in a hurry. 

-Becky Laverty

Date: April 24

Time: TBA

Stage: TBA

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