Uran to perform on Tomas Lindberg's curated program The Burning Darkness

When choosing Tomas Lindberg as our 2019 curator, we knew he’d bring along some of his Swedish brethren to make it a real party. But when Tomas Lindberg tells you he’s invited Sweden’s best kept secret – it’s time to start paying attention! So, with that, we’re thrilled to announce that Uran will be performing at Roadburn as part of Tomas’ The Burning Darkness curated event.

Tomas comments:

Uran GBG is perhaps Sweden’s best kept secret. Spawned out of the underground of Gothenburg, this beast is a true pain/pleasure experience, and THE Roadburn performance you can´t miss this year. A truly legendary and mysterious band, that turns up mysteriously to overpower you with their psychkrautspacegroove. Uran GBG is defying normal categorization… imagine the heaviest psych, in a street fight with the most hypnotizing Stooges riffs, with an electronic Kraut edge and a monstrous Hawkwind presence.

“A live performance by Uran is nothing but a cleansing; at least 10 people on stage (the final number differs from time to time), including three bass players. Uran is an overwhelmingly loud, monotonous barrage of uncompromising electronic psych, guaranteed to get even the slowest Roadburner into instant dance mode. Time will stand still on the main stage at 013 during their performance, so take a deep breath and dive in. And remember: No-one loves Uran!”

Date: April 13

Time: 23.40-00.30

Stage: Main Stage

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