COMMISSIONED: Vile Creature collaborate with Bismuth on A Hymn of Loss and Hope

It feels like a lifetime ago that we were clamouring to add second shows for both Vile Creature and Bismuth at Roadburn 2019. It was during that edition of the festival that the idea for a collaboration between the two bands was first forged. The passage of time – albeit much longer than we’d hoped – has allowed the idea to ferment and we’re delighted to confirm that this commissioned project will be carried over to the 2022 edition of Roadburn. 

The collaborative piece, titled A Hymn of Loss and Hope, will be performed for the first – and the last – time at Roadburn. A literal once in a lifetime chance to see these incredible forces combine to perform a piece that is still brewing and a-bubbling as you read. 

Since we originally announced the commissioned project, Vile Creature released Glory, Glory! Apathy Took Helm! which proved to be an enormous leap forward for the duo – even landing them a Juno nomination along the way. Bismuth have been hard at work writing for their next full length album too – and anticipation is high. 

Bismuth’s Tanya Byrne commented: “We feel extremely privileged to be able to perform “A Hymn of Loss and Hope” with our friends Vile Creature at Roadburn 2022. These last couple of years have amplified the themes already present, and hopefully it will be a release for all of us; performers and audience alike. We are grateful to Walter, Becky, all the Roadburn crew, Brabant C and The City of Tilburg for their continuing support and faith in us. We promise to bring the best we can to you all. Meeting up with our friends and toasting those lost to us; a supportive community is so important – Roadburn IS that community for us. “ 

Roadburn is committed to – and invigorated by – elevating up and coming artists alongside championing established acts. Providing a space where two important and exciting artists can explore their creativity and boost each others’ mighty powers is something that we are beyond honoured to do. Prepare yourself for some heavy and experimental doom, prepare yourself for a heck of a lot of amps. Prepare yourselves for A Hymn of Loss and Hope.

-Becky Laverty