Vonnis to be let loose at Roadburn 2020, consequences are unpredictable

When you’re a band as young as Vonnis are, both in age of the band and its respective members, and you’ve already built the kind of live reputation they have, it means you’re doing something special. Reflecting the chaos of the world we currently live in, ever since the Belgian city of Ghent coughed them up in 2015 they have been tearing shit down everywhere they go, evoking the destructive ghosts of bands like Catharsis, Death Grips, Converge or Trash Talk in the way they build something out of destruction, how they mix love and hate, hope and despair, darkness and light into something inspiring.

Their debut album, Bikini Season, came out in 2019 and it’s a direct transposition of this wrecking ball they’ve always been on stage. You can prepare yourself for the mayhem ahead by giving it a few listens, picking up on their savage mix of punk, noise, black metal and hardcore, but be aware that when the chaos hits, no preparation will be enough.

Between periods of healing their broken bones and vanishing off to scream at something, we managed to squeeze a few words out of Vonnis: “Legend has it, punk is dead?! Nah, Roadburn is punk. No boxes, no boundaries – no gods, no masters. We can only be honoured to be given the opportunity to stand amongst all these amazing artists. H(a)unters, sharpen your teeth against the floor. They never saw us coming, we come unforgiven. Love’s become our only instinct.” And those words, believe it or not, really do sum them up.

José Carlos Santos / January 2020

Date: April 18

Time: TBA

Stage: Hall of Fame