Weedeater Return To Roadburn To Play Their Classic Album God Luck and Good Speed in Full

It’s crazy to think that the only time Weedeater played Roadburn was almost seven years ago, in 2011. If you’re a Roadburn veteran, you might remember the typically bouncy figure of “Dixie” Dave Collins jumping around the Main Stage of the 013 like an unbreakable stickman, with Jason (the dragon, of course) looming over the backdrop.

See, that performance was not the kind of thing you can top easily. Which is why, in 2018, the return of the much-loved weed-fuelled trio is not just a “normal” return. Brace yourselves… Weedeater are going to play, exclusively for Roadburn, their seminal 2007 album God Luck And Good Speed in full!

Weedeater have always epitomised the true essence of what “stoner” music should be. It’s not enough to just add fuzz, or to jam out for hours while super high. Weedeater flirt unashamedly with doom and sludge, they have bite, a sharp attitude, gigantic riffs and a unique personality, not to mention the unpredictability factor brought by Dixie Dave‘s irresistible antics. It’s the kind of music that, despite its obsession with the grass, doesn’t even require you to partake to enjoy it. You’ll get high on the riffs alone anyway.

Few times, if ever, for any band, have all these factors been more brilliantly displayed than on God Luck And Good Speed. It’s hard to believe the record is already a decade old, as it’s still so present in our collective subconscious. The track list alone reads almost like a best-of for the band: the title track, Wizard Fight, Weed Monkey, even a Lynyrd Skynyrd cover with Gimme Back My Bullets… all of them staples of the trio’s career, and now, part of the entire 38 minute barrage of stoner heaven the performance of the whole album will provide us.

We’ll let you know what time Weedeater will be playing on Thursday 19 April at the 013 venue in a few months, but you know it doesn’t matter – it’ll be 4:20 in any case.

José Carlos Santos / October 2017

Date: April 19

Time: 23.30

Stage: Main Stage