As well as participating in Maalstroom, Witte Wieven will perform their own set at Roadburn 2019

One of the most fascinating aspects of the current state of Dutch black metal is undoubtedly its diversity. Of the myriad of representatives from this burgeoning set of disparate creators that we are welcoming at Roadburn, one of the younger ones is Tilburg’s own two piece Witte Wieven. Underlying their take on atmospheric black metal, doused in myth, and embellished by some genuinely harrowing screams, lies the timeless truth that the lure of beauty is often fraught with danger.

The duo is named after the Dutch legend of the same name, which refers to the spirits of “wise women” (although it literally translates to “white women”, due to accidents in linguistic history). These wise women were often said to be healers of sorts, whose spirits roamed the earth after their passing, often hanging as mists above holy sites and burial grounds. These ghostly apparitions were characterised as pranksters, at best, and sources of evil, at worst. The idea they represent is one of a pretty, alluring sight, leading men to a doomed fate.

It is therefore almost logical that from all the different takes on black metal in existence, they have chosen to infuse theirs with that same elusive dream-like quality that populated the French scene in the early noughties, as displayed in their 2016 demo Silhouettes Of An Imprisoned Mind. We would, however, be remiss if we strictly referred to masters of old in characterising the conjurations of Witte Wieven. In particular, we’d miss the post metal component of their alchemy, one even more prevalent in their side of the Vlucht split with Reiziger, and fundamental to fully conjure their vision.

Witte Wieven will lure us all to a damned faith on April 13 at Het Patronaat.

Luís Pires

Date: April 13

Time: 15.00-15.45

Stage: Het Patronaat

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