Wolfbrigade to destroy Roadburn 2018

It’s an unintentional tradition we have developed at Roadburn over the years – to have at least one hardcore punk band laying waste to a packed audience that will carry a few bruises for the days afterwards as delightfully painful reminders of the chaos that took place. From the legendary crusters Doom annihilating the Het Patronaat in 2012 to last year’s incendiary d-beat fest that was the Disfear show, punk has been totally assimilated by Roadburn, and not just as an overall influence for some bands.

So, in keeping with that tradition, we present the mighty Wolfbrigade for Roadburn 2018! It feels like it was just the other day that A New Dawn Fades hit us like a sack of bricks to the face, but the Swedes‘ debut album is already a whopping 22 years old! Since then, despite a few line-up changes (guitarists Jocke Rydbjer and Erik Norberg still remain from the founding gang) and a short period of hiatus, these lupine punks have been pretty much unstoppable, with nine full-length albums to their name already.

This year’s Run With The Hunted felt like a particularly hard kick in the teeth, with the band injecting a lot of thrash and even death metal to their core crust-driven sound, making it all the more rabid and devastating. If you’ve never been to Roadburn before (welcome, if that’s the case!), your overall idea of the festival might be one of relaxation, chilling out, a turning on, tuning in and dropping out kind of thing. Whilst you’re generally right, we wouldn’t stand all blissed out down at the front during Wolfbrigade‘s show if we were you. Move or be moved!

José Carlos Santos / December 2017

Date: April 22

Time: 21.30

Type: Het Patronaat

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