Wolvennest to conquer Roadburn 2019, playing Void in full at the Main Stage

Belgium’s Wolvennest ranked among the highlights of the 2017 Roadburn Festival, playing at the 250 capacity Extase. Such was the excitement around their set, the band could just as easily have played on the main stage, as their creepy yet cinematic drone-scapes resonated with everyone present.

Saddened by the idea of people missing out on all that Wolvennest have to offer, and encouraged by the release of their sophomore album, Void, it was necessary to welcome them back to the 2019 festival. Wolvennest will conquer the main stage this time around by playing Void in full.

Void, released via Ván Records, is easily one of the best underground releases this year; it sports such a distinctive voice, which will lure everyone into their disturbing, spiraling-netherworld. To mark this special occasion, Wolvennest will also feature all the musicians guesting on the album: Shazzula, Kirby Michel, Von Brutle Corvus, De Backer Marc, John Marx, Bram Moerenhout, DéHà, Ismail Khalidi, Alexander Von Meilenwald, plus visuals by A Thousand Lost Civilizations.

Whereas Wolvennest’s debut unfolded like a swirling movie score, Void channels a more dark and mysterious vibe. It encapsulates a wide range of musical styles and imagery, from 70s Krautrock and psychedelia to 90s Norwegian black metal, from almost analogue screenings of disturbed, blackened rituals to hauntingly tense occultism.

As we have frequently welcomed acts to Roadburn who encapsulate a cinematic feel, we’re really looking forward to continue this and have Wolvennest bring Void to life on Saturday, April 13 at the Main Stage.

Date: April 13

Time: 15.10-16.30

Stage: Main Stage

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