ALBUM PREMIERE: Wolvennest performing Temple in full

Having conquered the main stage at Roadburn once, Wolvennest are returning to do the same this April, as they perform their brand new album, Temple, in full. Due for release in March, you’ll have just enough time to get acquainted with their latest missive before we’re well and truly sucked into their dark but strangely alluring netherworld.

Formed eight years ago by Michel Kirby, with Corvus Von Burtle and Marc De Backer joining the ‘Nest soon after, they have concocted two albums (2016’s self titled, and 2018’s Void which was performed in full at Roadburn 2019) – each one a hypnotic and darkly mysterious rite of passage. With the pandemic curtailing their touring plans, the band set about recording their third album – inserting their souls, hearts, sweat and no doubt other bodily fluids into what would become Temple. Wolvennest’s cinematic sound is injected with 70’s psychedelia and a rawness most often associated with Norgwegian black metal – a heady cocktail that leaves listeners reeling.

To experience Wolvennest live is like teetering on the edge of the abyss – you can try to claw your way back up to safety, but the pull from the depths below is too strong to resist. With this performance of Temple, Wolvennest invite us to dive straight in – embrace the darkness, raise your fist and worship at the Temple of Wolvennest.

If you’re yet to experience Wolvennest live – be that due to geography or otherwise – prepare for something otherworldly to consume you this April. The band comment: “While we stayed in the abyss these last months, we followed the dark path to the light, fearless and confident.”

Come prepared for the ritual.

Wolvennest will perform Temple in full at Roadburn Redux, which will take place between April 16-18.

Becky Laverty

Date: April 18

Time: 20:40 CEST

Type: Live Streams