Wreck And Reference to make harsh music without guitars at Roadburn 2018

The idea of Wreck And Reference alone was instantly captivating – two vocalists, drums, and everything else built out of electronic instrumentation, samples and synthesizers. On top of it, from very early on in their career as a band, the duo comprised of Felix Skinner and Ignat Frege has made it clear that they have more than enough creativity and performing talent to hold up that great sonic concept with harrowingly effective songs. They have also evolved and transformed the basic template throughout the years, to the point where it feels like there never really was a template to begin with, just the instrumentation idea to serve as vehicle for unbridled creativity.

We fell in love with 2012‘s No Youth already, with all the negativity and nihilism it discharged (those screams!) but four years, two albums and three EPs later, 2016‘s Indifferent Rivers Romance End feels like it’s from another planet altogether, such are the creative leaps Wreck And Reference have taken in the meantime.

While still metal, albeit unconventionally created metal of course, the duo have seemingly been a two-headed monster devouring other genres throughout the years, and have thus opened up a lot. Not only does it make sense, given their oblique approach, but it also makes the songs hit not only harder, but unexpectedly as well. To be honest, there’s no comfortable word to tag Wreck And Reference with, so let’s just not – let’s just enjoy the might of a revolutionary band, at the peak of their powers, doing their own unique thing, in their own unique way, with terrifyingly intense results that we are fortunate to bear witness at this year’s Roadburn.

Wreck And Reference will be making harsh music without guitars to everyone’s amazement at Roadburn 2018.

José Carlos Santos / November 2018

Date: April 19

Time: 19.00

Stage: Green Room