Wrong to bring their own kind of Florida sunshine to Roadburn 2019

The idea of Florida conjures up thoughts of Walt Disney World for some. Maybe crocodile hunting for others. Perhaps even sasquatch spotting in the swamps. What it conjures up for Florida natives, Wrong is something that we’re not sure we want to spend too long contemplating.

With their roots in noise-rock and 90’s grunge as an evident influence, Wrong’s 2018 release, Feel Great, saw a deft change in the band; things took a turn for the darker. Feel Great, retains the melody of Wrong’s earlier releases, but this time around there’s a heavier kind of abrasiveness. We were hooked upon first listen.

There’s something a bit awkward about Wrong; they don’t fit neatly into any genre – nor do they seem to want to. There side-swiping style and understated seething is captivating, and certainly paints Florida in a whole new light. We’re already counting days til they bring their take on the Sunshine state to Tilburg.

Date: April 14

Time: 15.10-16.00

Stage: Hall of Fame

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