Wyatt E. to take us on a journey through bygone times

Wyatt E. are cloaked in mystery, very much allowing their music to do the talking. And when it talks it provides deep meditation and other-worldly vibes in abundance. Layering instrumentation and atmospherics to create a hypnotic soundscape that ebbs and flows, taking listeners on a journey far beyond the physical realm. They’ll be making a stop in Tilburg next April, where we’ll all be invited along for the next leg of their journey. 

The band are currently preparing for the release of their second full length album, due to land in 2022. Having toured extensively on the back of 2017’s Exile to Beyn Neharot album, Wyatt E. had the opportunity to play in Israel, and learn to play traditional Middle Eastern instruments – which will no doubt feature on new material. Citing ancient neo-Babylonian empires as an influence on their music, Wyatt E. seek to explore bygone times and elements of long-forgotten cultures through a modern lens. 

Join us as we follow Wyatt E. on this enthralling journey… 

Date: April 21

Time: TBA

Stage: TBA