Zetra descend to Earth to perform at Roadburn 2022

For the last couple of years, Zetra have been quietly doing their thing; holed up in an attic in North London, they’ve refined their sound, experimented with their presentation and created something really quite remarkable. Having heard them described as ‘Type O Positive’, the label feels fitting – they have an undercurrent saturated in gloom that is shot through with shimmering shoegazesque shards of hope. 

Weaving real-life stories of doomed cosmonauts with their melancholic pop hooks laid the groundwork for the geology-based sonic explorations that are currently keeping them occupied. It may sound improbable, but every day’s a school day – with the duo serving as our eccentric professors in Zetraology.

Seemingly existing within their own intergalactic bubble, they’ll be coming back down to earth – albeit briefly – to grace us with their presence at Roadburn 2022. We highly recommend that you give them some of your time before they return to whatever otherworldly plane they’re inhabiting at the time. If our instincts are right, this pair are destined for big things in the coming years. 

“Heed the Call.
It brings us great pleasure to announce that the first Zetra performance on European soil will be upon hallowed ground.
We are honoured to feature amongst the near mythical lineups of Roadburn festivals past.
Heed the Call.


-Becky Laverty

Date: April 22

Time: TBA

Stage: TBA