Weirdo Canyon Dispatch Daily Fanzine - Saturday Issue Now Available!

April 22, 2017

Live from Weirdo Canyon in Tilburg – Saturday, issue #3, of Weirdo Canyon Dispatch, the Roadburn Festival daily fanzine is out now!

Featuring yesterday’s review along with 10 Years 10 Highlights Of Roadburn feature by José Carlos Santos, Part II of the Kim Kelly interview with John Dyer Baizley, plus more albums of the year so far, a selection of exclusive photos from Paul Verhagen and Niels Vinck plus a live illustration of Telephathy by the amazing Kim Holm.

Download the PDF here.

Weirdo Canyon Dispatch Daily Fanzine - Friday Issue Now Available!

April 21, 2017

Download The PDF

Live from Weirdo Canyon in Tilburg – Issue #2 of the Weirdo Canyon Dispatch is out now. We’ve got 1,000 copies printed for Roadburners on-site at the 013, but you can DOWNLOAD THE PDF to get yours anywhere!

Check out part one of Kim Kelly’s interview with Roadburn 2017 curator John Dyer Baizley, a review of the first day of the festival, more album of the year picks, recommendations for local bars to hit during your downtime, exclusive art from Kim Holm, photos by Paul Verhagen and Niels Vinck, and much more!

Weirdo Canyon Dispatch 2017 Thursday

Weirdo Canyon Dispatch Daily Fanzine - Thursday Issue Now Available!

April 20, 2017

Download The PDF

Attention Roadburners far and wide! The first issue of this year’s Weirdo Canyon Dispatch is out now! It’s got photos and a review of last night’s Hard Rock Hideout with Heretic, Distillator and Atala, 5 bands not to miss at Roadburn 2017, album of the year picks and much more! If you’re here, we’ve got 1,000 copies printed, but we’re happy to offer it to everyone via the PDF version as well, download your copy HERE and don’t miss out!