More additions for Roadburn 2019 (Loop, Sumac and Emma Ruth Rundle among others)

November 16, 2018


LOOP are no strangers to Roadburn – they headlined the 2014 edition of the festival. The psych titans split in 1991, reforming in 2013 and cementing themselves as legends of the scene – and amongst other activities, brought their glorious technicolour to the Roadburn stage. We’re thrilled to welcome them back for a special, one off show as part of Tomas Lindberg’s curated event, The Burning Darkness on Friday, April 12.

Lindberg comments: “I expect to see you all in the front row for this one. I have goosebumps already.”

Read more about LOOP HERE


As the frontman for At The Gates, we know Tomas is something of an extreme metal connoisseur. He’s flexing that muscle with his latest addition to the line up, which comes in the shape of Slægt.

Tomas explains:

“When I think of heavy metal, there is a certain feeling I am after. A special haunting, emotional impact that I’m seeking.  I will always be super excited when I get that same feeling that was there when I first got into underground metal. SLÆGT is one of those rare examples.”

Read more about Slægt HERE


Aaron Turner is not a man who likes to sit still. When he realised that he would technically have a day off at Roadburn, his brain started to click and whirr.  And soon enough we had Sumac on the bill.

When Love In Shadow landed in September, it was a swift reminder not to assume you know all there is to know about a band. Turner has promised us something special at Roadburn: a titillating promise. But we can’t help but feel that any Sumac experience is going to be a special Sumac experience – and surely better than a day off.

Read more about Sumac HERE


If it’s true that absence makes the heart grow fonder, it doesn’t discount the fact that the occasional tease of a live show can still be pure agony, especially when Europe has historically been somewhat starved of Young Widows. So it’s with something akin to relief mixed with pure joy that we announce Young Widows’ performance at Roadburn 2019. For fans of their 2008 release, Old Wounds, the treat is two-fold; the band will be playing the album in full for us!

Read more about Young Widows HERE


Post-punk, Brit-pop, lo-fi chaos; elements of each can be found in Soft Kill’s sound. Whether sitting, shimmering on the surface, or buried under gently roiling layers, the four-piece’s sound is hard to pin down. Live, they are electric – a delicately balanced smorgasbord of competing component parts, underpinned by attitude in spades.

To make their Roadburn show even more special, they will be performing both the Heresy and Savior albums in full. With the promise of yet more new material on the horizon, Soft Kill are picking up pace with no signs of slowing down. Our advice? Hop on board whilst you still can.

Read more about Soft Kill HERE


Emma Ruth Rundle made such a mark on Roadburn 2017, we’re overjoyed to have her back for 2019 – and we expect the results to be just as powerful and mesmerising as the first time around.

Her first solo performance at the festival was a pivotal moment for us. Not only did it mark a definitive turning point for the artistic scope of the festival, it was also the moment that we adopted Emma as one of our own. A kindred spirit, a sonic explorer, a soul sister.

Read more about Emma Ruth Rundle HERE


Following their mind-warping set on Roadburn’s main stage in 2017, we welcome back the progressive darkness of Crippled Black Phoenix. In the band’s decade and a half career, they have released an incredible ten studio records, the latest of which Great Escape is a powerful, treacherous exploration into a the bleakest realms of Justin Greaves’ psyche. A CBF performance is the sound of a band following their own path, their own rules, for their own enjoyment. And ours.

Read more about Crippled Black Phoenix HERE


Boldly straddling the classical music world and the often hellish soundscapes of harsh noise, Lingua Ignota plucks what she wants from both – and elsewhere – to form a towering inferno of raging fury, manifesting as sonic indignation.

The challenge of a visceral and abrasive show is one that we relish. If you’re looking for an experience, something that that burrows into your consciousness and niggles at you for months to come, sign up now. Lingua Ignota AKA Kristin Hayter will deliver a masterclass.

Read more about Lingua Ignota HERE

CAVE will redefine modern psych wanderings at Roadburn 2019.
FEAR FALLS BURNING will see Dirk Serries performing an exercise in minimalism.
JAYE JAYLE will reprise their 2017 performance – in the more spacious Green Room.
OVTRENOIR  will deliver a dose of sludgy post-metal.
SHERPA will perform Tigris & Euphrates in full.
THROANE offer a cold and violent take on modern black metal.
TREHA SEKTORI will bring an innovative and immersive take on dark ambient sound.

Single day tickets will go on sale on Thursday, December 13. Weekend tickets are on sale now.

Tickets are be priced as follows:
3 days ticket (ThuSat) €181 + €4,50 service fee
4 days ticket (ThuSun) €204 + €4,50 service fee
Day ticket (Thu, Fri or Sat€62 + €4,50 service fee
Sunday ticket €55,50 + €4,50 service fee

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Roadburn: Essential Sounds 16.11.18

As you hopefully saw yesterday, we’re celebrating Exile on Mainstream Records’ 20th birthday at Roadburn 2019! The label has been going as long as this festival has, and over the past two decade has released almost 90 albums! No mean feat!

Given that we are such fans of the label, we have given over our weekly playlist to their output this week. Artistic Director, Walter Hoeijmakers, has selected some of his favourite tracks from a brand new Exile on Mainstream Spotify compilation. If you want to hear the whole comp then click here.

The label will be taking over the Hall of Fame on Saturday, April 13 – but you can prepare in advance by getting stuck into this eclectic playlist right now!

Here’s what’s featured this week…


Conny OchsSlide

NoisepickerHe Knew It Would All End in Tears

BellropeOld Overholt

Confusion MasterReaper’s Fist

TreedeonBreathing a Vein

ObelyskkhThe Ravens

Black Shape of NexusTriumph of Death

BeehooverHeavy Zooo

Tricky LobstersNeeds Must

PayolaThe Hidden Charme of DR. Yak-Fu

The AntikaroshiTeleferique


A Whisper in the NoiseArmament

Kristian HartingTemporary Rooms


Exile On Mainstream's 20th Anniversary at Roadburn 2019

November 15, 2018

Exile on Mainstream Records is celebrating twenty years of existence with us at Roadburn 2019. The iconic label has released almost 90 records over the past two decades after starting out with modest plans to release friends’ music and see where it went. Well, it went well!

The label’s history is somewhat entwined with our own; in fact they celebrated their 15th birthday with us too! We guess we make good cake! Long term Roadburners will no doubt have rattled a few crates alongside label head honcho, Andreas Kohl, who is a regular face in the merch area of Roadburn.

Exile on Mainstream will commandeer the Hall of Fame on Saturday, April 13, and the following bands will perform:


Andreas: “If someone would have told me when we registered Exile On Mainstream on April 1st 1999 as company that I will be writing this almost 20 years later I honestly wouldn’t have believed it. How time flies! So let’s celebrate! Like… MASSIVE – on the menu will be six acts illustrating the history of the label as well as its attitude and eclectic approach. We’ve never felt a limitation for a musical style nor scene, although we feel bound to a strong D.I.Y. ethos and focus on true art. Something that Exile On Mainstream always shared with Roadburn.”

“The line up will reflect this: I met Walter for the first time in 2004, precisely on June 26th when I was touring with The Hidden Hand and Ostinato at the Sojo Club in Leuven, Belgium. We had just released Ostinato’s first album and the band was on the brink of becoming one of the leading forces in the instrumental post-rock wave that also brought us bands like ISIS and Red Sparowes. The band called it quits in 2009 and will now return, almost exactly 10 years later for some special one-off shows celebrating the anniversary with us.”


Since 2004 I have never lost touch with Walter and Exile On Mainstream became one of the early partners of Roadburn, providing gear and love ever since. The first Roadburn Festival I attended was the 2006 edition with the band End Of Level Boss, whose guitar player Harry Armstrong, also of Hangnail-, Decomposed- and Earls Of Mars fame will bless Roadburn with his new outfit Noisepicker, remarking a surely triumphant return to our beloved festival.”


 “Also on the bill will be Conny Ochs, who has been playing Roadburn already four times, solo and with Scott “Wino” Weinrich and as part of our 15 years anniversary show on Roadburn 2014.”


Andreas: “The history of Exile On Mainstream is strongly intervowen with Roadburn Festival and I am happy and thrilled to be able to celebrate our 20th birthday at the one festival that I still consider the best on the planet.

The 2014 showcase also introduced the mighty Treedeon, who left a fully packed Cul de Sac in awe, wanting more. Well, folks, here they are.”



Bellrope are also no unkowns to the Roadburn punters – the band’s predecessor Black Shape Of Nexus played Roadburn in 2008 and this particular set still ranges among the most intense performances I’ve seen in Tilburg.”


“Completing the bill will be Confusion Master, one of Exile On Mainstream’s recent signings, delivering a whirlwind of psychedelic heavyness with attitude. We are pumped beyond belief for this show and are counting the days.”

Roadburn: Essential Sounds 9.11.18

November 9, 2018

Whilst Team Roadburn is out and about enjoying all that the European live music scene has to offer (Emma Ruth Rundle, Jaye Jayle, Heilung, Le Guess Who? and more!) we still found time to put together a playlist for your enjoyment.

If you’d like to seek out the tracks elsewhere, here’s the info you need:

Dead Can DanceACT I: Sea Borne (DCD / Pias)

Dead Can DanceACT I: Liberator of Minds (DCD / Pias)

Dead Can DanceACT I: Dance of the Bacchantes (DCD / Pias)

HeilungKrigsgaldr (Season of Mist)

WardrunaValuspáSkaldic Version (Fimbulljod Productions)

Sangre De MuerdagoNoite (Sick man Getting Sick Records)

Current 93Bright Dead Star (The Spheres)

Jozef Van WissemVirium Illarum (Self Release)

Mount Eerie, Wolves In The Throne RoomLost Wisdom, Pt.2 (P.W. Elverum & Sun)

Jo QuailForge (D.O.R. Infinity)

TERRITOIRESoumission (Humo)

Brockmann // BargmannHorizont (Bureau B)

DomusSkjutbanan (Malmö Inre)

Health, PertubatorBody//Prison (Loma Vista Recordings)

Boy HarsherFace The Fire (Nude Club)

Laura CarboneOld Leaves Shiver (Duchess Box Records)

EnvyDawn and Gaze (Temporary Residence)

Evoken – Valorous Consternation (Profound Lore)

Commissioned Music Roadburn 2019: Triptykon/Metropole Orkest: Requiem

November 2, 2018

Triptykon will return to Roadburn Festival in 2019 to perform the complete Celtic Frost/Triptykon three part Requiem, complete with orchestral accompaniment.

Having previously performed at the festival in 2010 and 2014 with Triptykon, and taken on curatorship duties for the former (selecting bands such as Sarke and Thorr’s Hammer to perform); it’s our pleasure to welcome Tom G. Warrior back to Roadburn on Friday, April 12.

The first part of the three-part Requiem appeared on Celtic Frost‘s Into The Pandemonium, and was titled Rex Irae. The third part, titled Winter was brought to life on the Celtic Frost album Monotheist in 2006, and until now, the missing second part has remained incomplete.

Tom explains:

“The intention to finish the full Requiem remained with me. I was going to do it one distant day with Triptykon, the group I formed to continue to pursue the path I began in Hellhammer and Celtic Frost. It was 2018, yet again 16 years after I last worked on the Requiem, when Walter Hoeijmakers, founder of the legendary Roadburn Festival and one of my most beloved friends, contacted me to propose Roadburn as the venue to perform, at long last, the finished Requiem.

Walter and his team very kindly provided for the resources necessary for such a substantial undertaking, and so, at 54 by now, I found myself commencing work on the second and thus final part of the Requiem this year.

The three parts of the Requiem will therefore be performed by Triptykon at Roadburn 2019, with full classical orchestration, congregated specifically for this occasion by Florian Magnus Maier, who is our esteemed classical collaborator and arranger in this project, and whose patience with me appears to be limitless. We feel very proud and deeply honoured to be joined in this endeavour by the renowned Dutch Metropole Orkest.”

Click here to read more from Tom about the history of the Requiem.

Celtic Frost/ Triptykon Requiem, as performed exclusively by Triptkyon and the Dutch Metropole Orkest (orchestra) at Roadburn 2019:

Rex Irae
Requiem, Chapter One: Overture – Fourth Incarnation

Grave Eternal
Requiem, Chapter Two: Transition

Requiem, Chapter Three: Finale – Ninth Incarnation

The Requiem will be performed with the world renowned, Grammy-award winning, Dutch Metropole Orkest.

2018 marked the first occasion when Roadburn commissioned artists to create music especially for the festival, with Waste of Space Orchestra and Vánagandr: Sól án varma both delivering spellbinding performances to enraptured audiences. The commissioning of the Celtic Frost/Triptykon Requiem is possible due to the continued support of Brabant C and City of Tilburg.

Roadburn: Essential Sounds 2.11.18

The Roadburn: Essential Sounds playlist is a place for us to share new music and whatever has been tickling our pickle over the previous seven days. We try to keep it largely to new music and we try not to repeat ourselves too much. But sometimes certain artists or records just really stick with us and deserve repeat appearances.

Two such acts reappearing in the Essential Sounds playlist this week are Marissa Nadler and Soft Kill. The former has just completed a short run of European dates – but if you get the chance to catch her spellbinding show in Canada or the US before the end of the year, you’re in for a treat! The latter has just commenced a Euro run of dates, so there’s still plenty of opportunity to catch their post-punk swirl across the continent. These two artists have released two albums that are just about guaranteed to be on our end of year list of albums – captivating, electric and essential.

We’ve also added A.A.Williams – whose video we exclusively premiered earlier this week. If you’ve not yet checked out the incredible track, Control, now’s your chance.

Finally, Nicole Dollanganger’s Heart Shaped Bed album is on Spotify so we could add a track to the playlist! Rejoice! The hardest part was narrowing it down to just one song. Do check out the whole record when you get a chance.

Becky Laverty

As ever, if you’d prefer to seek out these tracks elsewhere, here’s the info you’ll need.

SylvaineL’appel du vide (Season of Mist)

Bruce HaackWhen Mothers of Salem (Telephone Explosion)

Tearful MoonI Love You More Than Death (760627 Records DK)

Tim HeckerIs a rose petal of the dying crimson light (Sunblind Records)

TalonsMovements on Seven (Holy Roar Records)

HebosagilMetsätie (Self Release)

Nicole DollangangerHeart Shaped Bed (Crystal Math / Eerie Organization)

Soft KillTrying Not to Die (Profound Lore)

Marissa NadlerLeave the Light On (Bella Union)

A.A.WilliamsControl (Holy Roar Records)

EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: A.A.Williams 'Control' video

October 31, 2018

Don’t think we underestimate the faith you put in us; we are very conscious that sometimes buying into Roadburn requires a leap of faith. We make those leaps ourselves, for example when we commission artists to compose and perform at the festival – often the first we know of how something will turn out is when we’re stood right next to you, watching it unfold on stage.

Last week we announced an artist who has certainly flown under the radar of all but the very keenest of ears. If you’d searched for her on Spotify you’d draw a blank, try to buy her records and you’ll come up empty handed. So new is the music of A.A.Williams that there was simply nothing for you to hear… well, until now.

The track, Control, is taken from A.A.Williams‘ upcoming, self titled EP which will be released in January via Holy Roar Records. We’ve heard the whole thing, which is why we know that if you take this particular leap of faith, you’ll be richly rewarded.

The accompanying video (see below!) was created by Leo Taylor and blends nature and movement footage, incorporating a striking colour palette and layered textures to form hypnotic images. The track itself is dripping with melancholy, pooling in a deep well of haunting melodies and expansiveness.

A.A.Williams comments:

“The video for Control was designed to offer a visual accompaniment to the track rather than a distraction.
Colours and shots slowly shift to accentuate different elements of the song, the video lending itself to being interpreted differently by each viewer.”

If you’re ready to dive right in, we strongly recommend pre-ordering the record, otherwise, we’ll see you at the Hall of Fame on April 12 to witness A.A.Williams live.

Follow A.A.Williams on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Check out the current Roadburn: Essential Sounds playlist curated by Holy Roar’s Alex Fitzpatrickhere.

A.A.Williams – A.A.Williams EP will be released on January 25, 2019.

-Becky Laverty 

Roadburn: Essential Sounds 26.10.18

October 26, 2018

This week’s playlist comes courtesy of Holy Roar head honcho, Alex Fitzpatrick. We were somewhat busy pulling together all the bits and bobs for yesterday’s announcement, so we turned to one of the UK’s most exciting independent labels for playlist inspiration.

The Friday of Roadburn at the Hall of Fame venue will be given over to five of Holy Roar’s bands – but there is a lot more talent jammed into the label’s roster that we simply couldn’t squeeze into that little room. Thankfully, Alex is on hand to school us all about the diverse array of acts that the label has been working with recently.

Alex comments:

“We are hugely proud and honoured to be part of Roadburn 2019 – it is a festival we have all greatly admired for years, so our participation is truly ‘bucket list’ stuff. Here is a playlist representing where we are at as a label and what we do! We hope you enjoy it.”

If you would rather seek out the tracks elsewhere, here’s the info you’ll need (all tracks released via Holy Roar Records):

Pijn Squander
Secret CutterDoormat
Portrayal of GuiltA Burden
Slow CrushDrift
TalonsThe Drowning
Rolo TomassiContretemps
MinorsBone Pointer
GarganjuaThrough The Void

Mono, Myrkur: Folkesange, Marissa Nadler, and more added to Roadburn 2019

October 25, 2018


The Japanese post-rock four piece will celebrate their 20th anniversary as a band, and the 10th anniversary of of their iconic album Hymn to the Immortal Wind with a full album set at Roadburn 2019. They will be joined on stage by the Jo Quail Quartet, adding another layer of lush instrumentation to their intricate tracks. Lindberg comments: “It is with great pride I present them as a part of my curation this year.”

In addition, Lindberg has chosen three further bands for his curated event. AGRIMONIA – who Lindberg loosely describes as “a more progressive Amebix” –  plus Swedish dynamic prog outfit GÖSTA BERLINGS SAGA have also been confirmed. Rounding out the new additions is ORCHESTRA OF CONSTANT DISTRESS – a hybrid of Brainbombs and Skull Defekts.

Read more about MONO and the Jo Quail Quartet HERE
Read more about Agrimonia HERE
Read more about Gösta Berlings Saga HERE
Read more about Orchestra of Constant Distress HERE


Myrkur: Folkesange will bring some folk magic to the main stage as she is accompanied by musicians including Heilung‘s Christopher Juul, and celebrated cellist Jo QuailFolkesange brings together both traditional Nordic folk songs, as well as her own original compositions in a mesmerising swirl of ethereal darkness.

Read more about Myrkur: Folkesange HERE


Darkness comes in many forms, and one of the most beautiful we’ve witnessed this year is on the tracks of Marissa Nadler’s latest album, For My Crimes. We’re thrilled that she will bring these songs – and more – to life, on the Roadburn stage this coming April.

Read more about Marissa Nadler HERE


Black Bombaim & Peter Brötzmann will see Portuguese psych masters team up with a free jazz legend.
Bliss Signal will be fusing the jagged edges of blast beats and black metal with the hypnotic tremors of dark electronics.
Bossk will perform Audio Noir in full.
Crypt Trip are a righteous trip back to days when acid-tinged rock was both exciting and thriving on attitude and energy.
Deaf Kids combine D-beat, and psychedelia with their South American roots.
Deaf Kids x Petbrick will team up to deliver audio chaos.
Malokarpatan offer a mix of the best classic heavy metal with an oblique take on black metal.
Morne will deliver a crushing dose of sludge.
Mythic Sunship saxophonist are poised to deliver a set as iconic as their Another Shape of Psychedelic Music album.
Petbrick mix together crushing electronics with grinding drum violence, featuring Iggor Cavalera.
Rakta bring post punk, death rock, psych and just good old noisy garage rock’n’roll.
Stuck In Motion prove there’s vibrancy in classic forms
Territoire performing Alix in full.
The End is the new project of saxophonist Mats Gustafsson, bringing chaos and beauty to the Roadburn stage.


For 12 years now, Holy Roar Records have been quietly (and sometimes not so quietly) releasing a steady stream of incredible albums. The label has become home to some of the most exciting rising bands around and we’re thrilled to team up with the label to bring you five of their brightest stars for Holy Roar x Roadburn.

On Friday, April 12, the Hall of Fame venue will play host to the unapologetic abrasiveness of Svalbard, the sonic alchemy of Pijn, the nihilistic post-metal of Conjurer, the genre-bending delights of Secret Cutter, and the label’s newest recruit, the haunting A.A.Williams

Read more about Holy Roar x Roadburn HERE

Single day tickets will go on sale on Thursday, December 13. Weekend tickets are on sale now!

Tickets are be priced as follows:
3 days ticket (Thu-Sat) €181 + €4,50 service fee
4 days ticket (Thu-Sun) €204 + €4,50 service fee
Day ticket (Thu, Fri or Sat€62 + €4,50 service fee
Sunday ticket €55,50 + €4,50 service fee

Click here for more ticketing information

Holy Roar x Roadburn

For 12 years now, Holy Roar Records have been quietly (and sometimes not so quietly) releasing a steady stream of incredible albums. Remaining fiercely independent, with an eager ear to the ground, the label has become home to some of the most exciting rising bands around.

Once they’d caught our eye, and the idea for this label showcase quickly picked up pace and soon we were faced with some difficult choices. It wasn’t so much that we couldn’t choose which bands to feature, more that there were so many that it felt cruel to leave some behind. Such is the depth of the bands on offer to us, we could have given over twice as much space on the line up and still be making those same difficult decisions.

But choose we did, and we’re thrilled to team up with the label to bring you five of their brightest stars for Holy Roar x Roadburn. Don’t miss out on this bounty of bands; Holy Roar Records will be taking over the Hall of Fame on Friday, April 12.


One of the newest recruits to team Holy Roar, A.A.Williams will mark a change of pace during Holy Roar x Roadburn – but this is no time to sit down with a pint or go browsing the merch.

You likely won’t have heard of her when you’re reading this but we are so confident that this is going to turn out to be one of those shows that you look back on and can say “I was there at the beginning.” Think of the rawness of Emma Ruth Rundle crossed with the majesty of PJ Harvey and you may be on the right track… but still a long way from the final destination. Do not snooze on A.A.Williams.

“Being so well known for the unique curation of so many groundbreaking artists, it will be a real honour to perform at Roadburn 2019”A.A.Williams.


Conjurer have already made a considerable impression on their home turf (their debut album, Mire, is phenomenal) and are setting their sights firmly on world domination. We’re delighted to be just one step in that journey as Conjurer are primed for detonation.

Vocalist, Dan Nightingale comments: “Every band, no matter their scope, holds personal aspirations that they only dream of achieving. We’ve participated in many events over our very short lifespan; shows and occasions of a calibre far greater than we ever imagined we could be a part of – and with all due respect, Roadburn surpasses even those.”

Dan, we’re flattered!

Expect to be confronted with a hefty wall of post-metal with more than a few nihilistic twists and turns along the way.


Tomorrow, Pijn will release their debut full length titled Loss. It’s the follow up to their critically acclaimed 2017 EP, Floodlit. For a band that is so relatively early in their career they seem to have perfected a delicate balance between fragile melodies and frenetic chaos.
For those of you who are not familiar with the band, or indeed the Dutch language, their name translates to pain (and is pronounced ‘pine’) – a palpable feeling transmitted via their sonic alchemy.

“Being invited to perform at Roadburn is an incredible honour. To find ourselves in the company of the most forward-thinking and influential artists at this festival is surreal, and we are so excited to share songs from ‘Loss’ with the Roadburn audience.”


“We are extremely excited to be playing Roadburn 2019 . We are honored to be included in a festival known for experimental and genre bending artists. April cannot come fast enough “

Secret Cutter themselves are best described as genre-bending; they fuse the best bits of sludge, with the rawest of grind and countless other audio pick’n’mix treats. For a three-piece, they make an unholy racket.

As the idea for this showcase developed, we felt as though the stars had aligned when we realised that Secret Cutter would be heading over to this side of the pond right around Roadburn time. How could we resist? We snapped ‘em up, stuck ‘em on the bill and here we are. Do not miss Secret Cutter obliterating Roadburn.


Outspoken, unapologetic and unwavering – we’re thrilled to welcome Svalbard to the Roadburn line up. Their most recent release, It’s Hard To Have Hope, lays their wares out without once breaking eye contact. Awesome layers of thundering guitars, throat-shredding anguish and woozy melody stack up to make one hell of a full frontal attack.

On their Roadburn debut, the band comments: “Roadburn is an institution! We are very excited and honoured to be playing a part in the 2019 edition alongside such an amazing lineup.”