September 6, 2019

These tracks have been the soundtrack to us working hard behind the scenes to bring you this week’s Roadburn announcement. A constant process of discovery is one of the huge joys of this job – and collating new music into a playlist like this cements that feeling.

This Hether Fortune track is actually not her newest, but it’s still glorious so I included it anyway! To hear her latest track, The Joker, head HERE.

If you’re not yet subscribed to our main 2020 playlist you can do so HERE – that will keep you up to date with all the bands we announce for Roadburn. Listen at your leisure.

‘Til next week…

-Becky Laverty

If you’d like to seek out these tracks elsewhere, here’s the info you’ll need:

Chelsea Wolfe – Deranged for Rock & Roll (Sargent House)

Soft Kill – Tin Foil Drip (Closed Casket Activities)

Hether Fortune – Birds of Prey (Etruscan Gold Records)

Liturgy – God of Love (YLYCYN)

Coilguns – Manicheans (Hummus Records)

Cult of Luna – Lay Your Head to Rest (Metal Blade)

Pleasure Symbols – Dissociation (Avant! Records)

A.A Williams – Jolene (Holy Roar)

Kayo Dot – The Something Opal (Prophecy Productions)

Cloud Rat – Wonder (Artoffact)

Pharmakon – Spit It Out (Sacred Bones)

Mizmor – Cairn to Suicide (Gilead Media)