November 6, 2020

Let this week’s lengthy playlist inspire you to head over to Bandcamp and support these bands and artists. Bandcamp is waiving their fees today! In case it’s just not possible to order anything, then please enjoy these tracks and spread the word – let these artists offer solace as it has been hard to find lately.

If you want to seek out the tracks elsewhere, here’s the info you’ll need:

Forever AutumnOwl Bones and River Stones (Self-Released)

Divide and DissolveWe Are Really Worried About You (Invada Records) (Pic above)

The BodyA Lament (Thrill Jockey)

Lesser GlowFostering This Nullity (Pelagic Records)

WrenSeek The Unkindred (Gizeh Records)

Blood From The SoulCalcified Youth (Deathwish Inc.)

Black CurseFinality | Behold (Sepulchral Voice Records)

BorealDusk (Nebulae Artifacta)

FluisteraarsBeringheim (Eisenwald)

Friendship CommandersStonechild (Self-Released)

The Intelligence Service People Are Sleeping (Transgressors)

Warren SchoenbrightPolyglot Abyss (Heterotopias) (Hominid Sounds)

UrdogIce On Water (Rocket Recordings)

EartheaterKiss of The Phoenix (Pan)

OffermoseTvillingeflamme (Third Comming Records)

Karl Hector & MalcounsStossgebet (Now-Again Records)

Alex MaasAmerican Conquest (Basin Rock)

Uffe LorenzenTornerose (Bad Afro Records)

LykantropiKom ta mig ut (Despotz Records)

Wytch HazelDry Bones (Bad Omen Records)